Summer SAT, PSAT, AP Calculus, AP Physics in Fairfax, Virginia


Contact: [email protected]571-354-7199

  • Summer SAT, PSAT Prep Camp
    • 6/17-7/12 (Session One), 9 am – 5 pm
    • 8/19-8/23 (Session Two), 9 am – 12 noon 
  • Summer AP Calculus, AP Physics, TJ Physics
    • 6/15-8/3/2019
9/10/11th Grade PSAT/SAT Prep: English/Math
  • 9 am – 12:30 (SAT/PSAT English); 12:30 lunch; 1:30 pm – 4 pm (SAT Math); 4-5 pm Practice/Drills/HW 
  • Highly qualified SAT instructors
  • Individual attention
  • 1:1 review, student/parents/teacher’s conference
  • Excellent SAT Test Report from former students, click the link: SAT Reports
  • Average 50-120 points increase
7/8th Grade TJ Test Prep, AOS Admission Prep, Advanced Reading/Writing/Math/Science
  • TJ, AOS, Private School Admission Test Prep
  • Science/Math/English
  • SIS: student information sheets & essay writing practice
  • Materials focusing on the latest ACT (high school) critical reading and science, Quant Q materials on Math problem solving skills
  • We are proud of the 8th graders who got admitted to top private schools of Madeira, St. Jones, National Cathedral School, and public schools of AOS, TJ, and other top high schools. Congratulations!
5-6-7th Grade Science/Reading/Writing and Public Speaking
  • Daily Science Experiment
  • Reading, vocabulary, writing (including magazine and newspaper reading)
  • Public speaking, Debate
  • Science Olympiad topics 
  • This is a four-week long program focusing on Science, Reading, Writing, Public Speaking and much more!
  • “One of the best camps we have ever had,” said parents.
AP Calculus, AP Physics, Saturdays, 6/15 – 8/3/2019
  • AP Physics/Honors Physics Overview, 10 am – 12 (Saturday)
  • TJ Physics Overview, 7-9 pm (Thursday), 7 pm – 9 pm
  • Link: AP Physics and Honors Physics Fundamentals
  • AP Calculus AB/BC, 12 – 2 pm (8 sessions)
  • Pre-Calculus Overview, 2-4 pm (8 sessions)
  • Algebra 2/Trig Overview, 10 – 12 noon (8 sessions)
  • Public Speaking/Debate Class
  • August Intensive SAT Session (8/19-8/23), 9 am – 12 noon
Junior’s Package Writing Workshop  
  • College Application Overview
  • College Application Updates and New Changes in 2019-2020
  • How to professionally respond and complete school counselors’ requests
  • How to effectively write parents’ section in response to the counselor’s questionnaire
  • How to successfully obtain strong recommendation letters from your teachers and counselors
  • Why this Juniors’ Package (Students’ Profile) is important in your college application process
  • 1:1 session with counselor and teachers
College Application Essay Writing Workshop

7/13, 20, 27, 8/3, 9/28, Saturday (12 – 4:00 pm)

  • College Application and Essay Workshop
  • College Admission Interview
  • College Application Form and Completion
  • Click the Link: College Application
  • 5 weekend’s Intensive College Essay Workshop:
    • Complete College Application Forms
    • Complete Common App Essays
    • Complete Mock Interview
    • Complete some of the supplemental essays
    • Complete the list of application schools 
    • One to one counseling is included 
    • Small Group, Individual Advice and Conference
    • Successful cases include VT, UVA, Cornell, Princeton, Duke, U.Chicago, CalTech, and many other top schools
    • A Must Have College Application Workshop (seats are limited, first come, first served)

Highly Qualified Teachers

  • Dedicated, disciplined, and determined teachers
  • 1:1 individual counseling, coaching, and advice on Essay Writings
  • Positive, proactive, and persistent teaching philosophy
  • Enthusiastic, engaged, energetic
  • Training students to be compassionate, to be good citizens, to have the qualities of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and connecting the dots
  • small class size, individual attention, one to one conference
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Contact: [email protected]571-354-7199