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Math Professor N. has taught Math for over 26 years at all levels, from middle and high school through advanced college level. He helped establish the advanced mathematics program at the new Governor’s School at Innovation Park, serving as the Mathematics Chairperson and liaison between the School, and the George Mason University Math Department. He taught  AP Calculus AB/BC, Multivariables, SAT Math, as well as supervised student STEM projects and served as student adviser.  Link to Congratulations Link. Many of his students received perfect score of 800 for SAT Math. 

Professor N. is a dedicated Math teacher and delivers his Math teaching with enthusiasm: engaging students, sparking curiosity, and jump-starting motivation. He taught SAT Math, AP Calculus, Precalculus, Algebra 2/ Trigonometry at Oakton Academy, and has received overwhelming praise from the students and parents. 

“Professor N. made the Math learning so much fun. I enjoyed his SAT teaching over the summer.”   – a rising junior 

“When Professor N walks into the classroom, it seems we all get excited about learning. I improved 90 points over the past few weeks on SAT Math. I would recommend the teacher to anyone who wants to learn Math.” – a rising sophomore 

“… My son received a perfect SAT Math score 800. Thank you so much! He was not that strong in Math, after the summer camp, he has improved 60 points this time…..” – a Junior’s parent

SAT Math Requirements from College Board: New SAT Math Test Content Specifications.

Classes will consist of a pretest, lectures, question and answer, problem solving and a post-test assessment.  Students should be doing practice tests outside of class. Course content includes all elements outlined in the New SAT Math Test Content Specifications. In general, active participation by the students will be an essential element of getting full value out of the SAT Math Prep Class.


  • Linear equations and systems of linear equations
  • Linear equations and inequalities
  • Graphing linear equations and inequalities

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

  • Analyzing relationships using ratios, proportional relationships, percentages, and units
  • Representing and analyzing quantitative data
  • Finding and applying probabilities in context

Passport to Advanced Math

  • Identifying and creating equivalent algebraic expressions
  • Fluency in solving quadratic and other nonlinear equations
  • Using and graphing exponential and other nonlinear functions

Additional topics

  • Problems related to area and volume
  • Lines, angles, triangles, and circles
  • Right triangles, the unit circle, and trigonometric functions

Test taking strategies; Post-test, evaluation, 1:1 review session, teacher and parent’s conference throughout the semester.


Contact: [email protected]; 571-354-7199