Intensive Writing and Reading for 6-8th Grade

The Intensive Writing and Advanced Reading session will train students to become advanced writers and analytical readers. Ms. Ivy is the instructor, and students like her teaching style very much. Please see her bio below. 

The Intensive Writing and Advanced Reading class will enhance students’ skills in  creative writing, personal reflection, and narrative writing, as well as the related writing skills of editing, proofreading, and researching. 

Successful writing requires training and discipline of various elements: write, edit, revise, re-write, proofread and other process and strategies. This intensive writing and advanced reading class will include: 

  • Students are required to read Time Magazine, Washington Post, Scientific American, New York Times, and other major magazines and newspapers
  • Students’ writing will be reviewed, commented, and edited by the teacher 
  • Former students who went through the intensive writing and advanced reading training, successfully exceed in their standard tests, SOL, SAT, AP, as well as high school admission tests, including SHSAT, and TJ admission test.

Writing assignments will include practice with the personal essay, analytical essay, research essay, and short fiction. 

Short Essays will include: writing from the student’s own experience (reflection), which will be necessary (required) in high school admission, internship application, high school leadership position (such as private high school admission or/and TJ Admission Essay Writing).

Analytical Essays are the essays where students take a piece of writing (like a newspaper editorial or a political speech) and analyze the methods that the author uses to make his/her argument. Students will later encounter the analysis essay assignment in the SAT Writing section. This method is training students critical reading, analytical thinking ability for their school writing, standard admission test, as well as future PSAT/SAT tests. 

The advanced writing session will help students to be advanced readers and writers. Students will exercise their developing critical reading and thinking skills to interpret and write stories, essays, and poems. The curriculum aims to develop students’ ability in:

  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity in problem solving
  • Collaboration in team work and projects
  • Connecting the dots across subjects and topics

Teachers’ Bio:

Ms. I. G. graduated with greatest honor of summa cum laude from the English and Political Science Department. She also received Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing, published many poems and articles. Ms. I. G. taught “Creative Writing” and “English Composition” courses at English Department, George Mason University.

The teacher has experience teaching college, middle school and high school writing.  She brings the writing talents to Oakton Academy.  She won Academy of American University & College Poetry Prize in 2008, awarded and judged by the poet Scrikanth Reedy, who was a graduate from Harvard English Literature department.

Ms. I. G. has exceptional writing talent and outstanding standard test experience. She holds a J.D. from University of Alabama. She was an Associate Editor of the Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Law Review, as well as a “Truman Capote Fellowship” recipient. It is our privilege to have Ms. I. teach our students this summer.

英文写作老师 Ms. I. G. 获得J.D. degree,曾在GMU英文系任教,为英文系的主力. 她教授大学二年级学生的英文写作. DC私立学校(Cornerstone Schools of DC)教英文写作。I. G.已发表二十余篇诗歌文和章,侧重于创意和诗歌写作(creative writing and poetry), 钟爱教学和写作. 她曾任美国大学诗歌协会的副编辑,荣获2008 Academy of American Poets 诗歌作品大奖. 此届比赛由著名诗人Srikanth Reddy为裁判 (其毕业于哈佛大学英文系). Ms. I. G.在Oakton Academy教 4-8年级学生,获得家长和学生们的一致好评。